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KishKnows,Inc. – The Bright Idea Company serves a two-fold purpose to its clients.


Premium Book Publishing Services: Our staff of highly professional graphic artists, editors, designers, project managers and consultants create the messages that communicate on behalf of our clients. “Just because it is Self-Published doesn’t mean it should LOOK or SOUND Self-Published!”

Our mission is to take the frustration, uncertainty, and overwhelm out of the self-publishing process and help aspiring authors produce quality, attractive self-published books that don’t look self-published.

We provide Premium Publishing Services that take your Message to the Masses in an Excellent & Elegant Way!

We now offer DISTRIBUTION SERVICES that can get your book into almost 40K Bookstores and Retail Outlets worldwide.

For more information contact us: admin@kishknows.com

We are dedicated to working closely with our clients allowing us to better understand their needs and provide them with focused solutions to their publishing efforts. You can expect the Best because we always give the Best. In order to get results, you have to get noticed. Our Bright Idea Consultants are here to offer you the creativity that you need to formulate powerfully effective messages and uniquely compelling campaigns. We have the passion and experience to complete each project with both a commitment to creativity and respect for your budget limitations. We have skill! We have spirit! We have the bright ideas that you’ve been looking for.


Custom Full Color Cover Design: The front of your book is the first most important area in the book buying process. If people like your cover, they buy it. If they don’t like it they don’t buy it. We will make sure they do because we understand that people DO judge a book by its cover. Just because your book is self-published doesn’t mean it should look like it. Our professional designers will create an amazing full cover custom design for you so that your book is the 1st one noticed on the bookshelves.

Custom Interior Page Design: One of the challenges that self-publishers have is with the formatting of their books. We will ensure your inside layout design is attractive and well formatted, giving it the most professional appearance possible.

Back Cover Copy Creation: The back of the book is the second most important part of the book buying process. Our chief editors will create back cover copy for your book that sells.

Advanced Editing & Proofing: Our editors, proofers and content advisers will examine and proof your entire manuscript. It is our job to make sure your book reads like a pro has created it.

Master Content Creation & Advising: Our skilled editors and writers will ensure your content is readable, sellable and marketable.

Paperback & eProofs: You will have available to you an electronic proof and a printed and bound paperback copy of your book for final approval prior to mass production. You will have input and the final word every step of the way.

Expedited Book Printing: Once your final design is approved your books are shipped directly to you within 2 – 5 business days.

Title Marketing Exposure: Your cover will be marketed to over 25K of our subscribers via email, websites, and social media platforms. Potential readers and book buyers will have the direct link to your book.

Specialized Coaching: You Become the Authority! You don’t know what you don’t know, but we do, so we can help you! Our specialized coaching is tailor-made to position you, the author of your book, as the authority on your subject. We can provide you with one-on-one support to ensure that the entire publishing process has you positioned as the expert with people wanting to hear what you’ve got to say via your book signings, speaking engagements, trainings and more.

Additional Highlights…

Project Management
Social Media & Online Marketing Design Package
• Successful Book Launch Blueprint
• Accelerate Your Book Sales Marketing Strategies
• Specialized Promotional and Marketing Materials
• Sponsorship Packet
• Media Kit

VIP Coaching Sessions
• Ongoing Support

Let us help you present your best self as we coach and assist you in publishing, marketing and distributing a quality, attractive book.


1. How long have you been in the book publishing business?
I am a Publishing Servicer which means I provide (with the help of my team of course) publishing assistance to aspiring authors so they can get their books done. To make a long story short, I first began in the 1990s assisting my Pastor. Over the last few decades I’ve assisted a few other acquaintances here and there just as a hobby. Then in 2012 after I self-published my first book, I began to get a lot of requests from others again. So, I updated my knowledge and started to teach self-publishing courses as well as conduct workshops. I also published a self-publishing kit and had online self-publishing courses.

However, when I observed that many pastors and other influential leaders in the Kingdom were still struggling to get their books published because they did not have time to do it themselves, I decided to equip myself with the knowledge and understanding as to how to create this into a business. For approximately 1.5 years I went through training to set up a business model that would be mutually beneficial for both my clients and myself. Then in the Fall of 2015, I officially launched as a publishing servicer. Currently, my main roles are Project Manager & Empowerment Coach for the clients we take on. I have anywhere from 4 – 5 people (depending on the project) on my team which comprises professional editors, graphic artists, cover and layout designers, and publishing consultants.

Click on the Gallery tab to see some of our work.

2. Do you also offer eBook and Print-On-Demand services? If so, is this option included or is it a separate quote?
Yes, we offer these services. Quotes are custom and specific to my clients’ needs. (See #7 for more detail.)

3. What bookstores and retailers are a part of your distribution channel?
As a Publishing Servicer, I help my clients get their books exposure by simply setting them up on one of the publishing industry’s largest global distribution networks which covers: independent and online bookstores, both big and little chains, e-book retailers, and just about anyone on the planet who sells a book in any format. This platform gives my clients’ books access to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and universities—online and in store, safe, fast, and reliable direct shipping and global delivery. Again, we simply set my clients up on this platform and then turn everything over to them to manage their distribution accounts and the proceeds that they will receive from them.

4. If we do business, how would the rights work? Would I have full rights to the book?
You would have ABSOLUTELY ALL OF THE RIGHTS. As a Publishing Servicer, we only assist you with the publishing process to make it happen. My team and I provide all of the tools, resources and manpower to bring your book into fruition and then turn everything over to you. You own all the rights. We do not own nor do we desire to have any rights to your intellectual property. We even provide all of your final design files at the end of the process so that you can do whatever you desire with them for future purposes.

5. What basic services do you offer?
*Copyright Registration
*LCCN Registration
*ISBN Assignment
*EAN Assignment
*eBook Publishing
*Print-On-Demand Publishing
*Writing Techniques

6. What other services do you offer unique to the KishKnows, Inc. brand?
*Personalized Author Support and Coaching
*Metadata Creation
*Thema Classification
*Author Spotlight
*Book Sponsorship Guidance
*Book Launching Strategies
*Media & Selling Training
*Marketing Solutions
*DO IT Empowerment™
*DOERS Activation
*DOERS University™
*Ghost Writing

7. Why aren’t there any prices listed?
We do not believe in the “one size fits all philosophy” when it comes to publishing your book which is a representation of you and will be associated with your brand for years to come. We understand the different writing styles unique to each individual, as well as the varying publishing needs and manuscript lengths. Therefore, in order to be fair in this process, we believe that customized quotes tailored to each client’s circumstance is the most professional and efficient code of conduct for pricing.

8. What type of publishing projects are you able to accept?
We are a Christian owned and operated business. The scope of our knowledge and ability to Best service our clients falls under this perspective. Therefore, most of the projects we take on are Christian based, positive in nature or are inspiring and motivating. We always want to give our clients the Best service possible so this is why we try to stay true to these areas of expertise. However, feel free to fill out the Submission Form on this page and tell us more about your project so that perhaps we can better direct you along your way.


We equip you with the strategies and tools that prosper your soul!

We are body, soul and spirit and every area of our lives, when in balance can catapult us to achieve levels of success that we have always dreamed of. From one-on-one coaching, up-close and personal mentoring to our Doers University™ and DO IT Empowerment™ workshops we have the tools, experience and the proof to assist you in achieving your goals. We believe that what is on the inside of you is going to come out. When your spirit is prospering, your world around you will prosper. We will show you how to prosper spiritually while coaching you to levels of breakthrough professionally.

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