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If you’re like me and you’re not careful, you can allow the missed opportunities you’ve experienced in your life hinder your forward movement. There was a season in my life where I suffered extreme regret. And I don’t use the word “suffer” loosely because the regret was so strong that it opened the door to depression. I felt a deep sense of loss and for a long period of time, I languished in remorse thinking that my time had been “wasted.” I had invested many years of my life — sweat, tears, energy, and money in a project that never produced the results I was expecting.

I would think of all the things I COULD HAVE been doing — about the years of labor that had taken a toll on my health, finances, some relationships and had stolen my joy. I would secretly beat myself up and was even reminded of when a grade school teacher once said, “Kisia will always get an A for effort.”

I sure had put the effort in. And here I was again. All effort. No results. Then came regret. I was stuck in the reality that I could not go back and change my decisions. This caused the depression. It was not a good state to be in.

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If you’re not careful you can end up like I was feeling: depressed, disappointed, frustrated and stuck. It wasn’t until I began to understand more about the grace of God that I was able to rise from the pitiful pit I found myself in.

Let me remind you of how AWESOME GOD IS…

I’m sure you’re familiar with the GPS that’s installed in many vehicles. The GPS reconfigures your route when you’ve made a wrong turn or gotten off track. Isn’t that just-like-God?

His infinite grace can reconfigure things for us and reroute us when we’ve missed our turns in life. It may take you longer to get there. You may go down some roads and take some turns you didn’t anticipate but you’ll get to your God-ordained destination.

Now, this is key. You’re going to learn some things on this detour to destiny. You’re going to see some new things. The eyes of your understanding will be enlightened. You’re going to have some different experiences. You’ll increase in wisdom. You will mature along the way. You’re going to grow. You’ve probably heard me say it before, failure of any kind is feedback. It’s an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

Here’s one last thought…

I heard one of my mentors preach a powerful revelation once. He said, “Jesus was God’s Plan B. Think about that for a minute. The bible says that what the first Adam couldn’t do, the second Adam came and got it done. What am I saying? Your Plan A route may not have worked out, but God’s Plan B route can get you to where you need to be.

So, what your previous plan, decision, investment (whatever you’ve put all your energy into) couldn’t accomplish, God has a Plan B that will get you there. There’s another route, a detour, a new path for you to take.

For some of us who suffer from what I call “spiritual hearing loss” and are distracted by all the other noises that are surrounding us, it may take a little longer to hear the rerouting of the GPS. So, we may miss our Plan B exit too. It might take us longer to get to where we need to be but as long as we don’t pull over on the side of the road, stop and give up, we will get there.

As for God, He has a Plan C, D, E, F… He has all the grace and all the time in the world to see us through.

Don’t worry about reaching your destination. You’ll get there. Just be open to the new route God is making for you.

If you believe God can reroute you to get you to your destination comment below and let me know, “I am on my way.” “I’m going to keep going.” “I won’t stop driving.” What are your thoughts?

Blessings in Abundance,
~ Pastor Kish